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Brew Pots

Our Brew Pots are specially designed with a height : diameter ratio that is larger than 1.  We have done this to minimize boil losses but at the same time we kept the stability of the pot in mind.

All pots are manufactured from 1mm Stainless Steel with a 5mm Triclad bottom for even heat distribution.

All pots are supplied with lids (even if some pictures do not show lids).


26 Liter Pot Dimensions

Diameter:  290mm

Internal Height: 395mm


46 Liter Pot Dimensions

 Diameter:  340mm

 Internal Height: 510mm


74 Liter Pot Dimensions

 Diameter:  430mm

 Internal Height: 510mm



All fittings are manufactured from Stainless Steel and all gaskets are food grade silicone.


Vessel sizing Guide